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Sphere uses the CommonJS standard for dependency management. In CommonJS, each script is run as a function, which isolates modules from one another and enables more granular control of exports. In addition, because the code importing a module decides under what name to store the imports (if at all), naming conflicts between modules are avoided entirely.


import { FunctionName } from 'module';

Loads a CommonJS module. `module_id` is an abstract path (a string) identifying the module to load, with the same semantics as in, e.g. Node.js. If the module cannot be found, an error will be thrown. The engine will look for modules in the following locations:


If require() is provided with a module ID beginning with either `./` or `../`, this indicates a path relative to the location of the calling module.


import { from, Delegate, Music, Scene } from 'miniRT';

Music.play('sounds/music/somefile.ogg'); //Use the imported Music function