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game.sgm is a configuration file placed in the root directory of a Sphere project. This file is required for the Sphere engine to load and run a project, as well as allow the various Sphere editors to process a given directory as one containing a Sphere project.


The file's format is similar to that of an INI file, with each line containing a key=value statement. The following keys are initialized automatically upon creation of a new project in the default Sphere editor:

The name of the project
The author or authors of the project
The first script file to load when searching for the game function to run
A short description of the project
The width and height to set the window to when running the project in the engine; these dimensions are base window dimensions and do not take video driver configuration into account

Game object

The name, author, and description keys are stored in a Game object which is retrievable using the GetGameList function. The object also contains a property, directory, which contains the name of the project's root directory. This directory can be passed to the ExecuteGame function to load into the engine a project from within an already running project.