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A pub brawl unfolds. Combat occurs in-map, similar to Chrono Trigger.

Kefka's Revenge is a Final Fantasy 6 fangame made in Sphere, and being developed by wiz, tree, DaVince and a number of other people. It follows the stylings of traditional computer RPGs.

As of December 26, 2006, Chapter 1 Beta has been publicly released, containing a detailed map, scripted events, and a working combat system.


After the events of Final Fantasy VI, Kefka has fallen from grace. You play as him with the goal of regaining his former glory.


The game plays much like any other computer RPG, where you use the arrow keys to move in a 3/4 overhead perspective, talk to people, trigger events and take part in combat.


The newest version of Kefka's Revenge includes several interesting features, many of which are unique to KR and Sphere. Most noticeable features are:

  • Unique Control & Environment - Somewhat different control buttons that allow you to move diagonally, run, and do unique actions according to the storyline. The environment is also very rich and active.
  • Fully Fledged Menu System - The menu, which is usually on the "Home" button, allows players to view diverse menus, such as the very useful configuration menu which provides choices for window style, control keys, etc.
  • Interesting Storyline - Coupled with the diversity of the game itself, the storyline gains some wild and wacky ideas to it, much differing from the usual "do this do that over and over" design of other RPGs. From kicking people off ledges to hauling around furniture along alleys, this is a wonderful and unique must-experience element of KR.


Combat in this game warrants special mention. When a fight is triggered, combatants take the traditional Final Fantasy-styled side-on positions. But sometimes, the combat takes place in the same map as in where it was triggered, without a screen change. Animations and things moving on the map beforehand will continue to move, lending the battles a sense of presence.

Actually, both an FF VI style and CT-style battle system exist in the game, but the current beta only contains CT-styled battles. The other battle system is still being worked on.

Combat options are chosen in a manner resembling Square Enix's Active Time Battle System, complete with an ATB meter.


These controls can be changed via menu options in-game.

  • Cursor keys are used to move around on maps, and change menu selections.
  • Enter advances dialogue, talks to people, triggers events and chooses menu items.
  • Backspace cancels out of a menu, and switches to other active characters in battle.
  • Home raises the main menu, from which the party status can be viewed and options selected.
  • Escape raises a menu from which the game can be restarted or quit.
  • Shift can be held down to run.
  • Space: if you're Kefka, you'll laugh like a maniac, and even trigger some events on the map!

Player comments

  • Superb game I like playing over and over again, even if only to find errors, bugs, or new funny things! --DaVince 15:11, 27 December 2006 (GMT)