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=== Camera ===
=== Camera ===
=== Persons ===
=== Persons ===

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Map and map engine control

  • MapEngine(map_filename, fps): Start the map engine at map_filename at speed fps.
  • GetCurrentMap(): Get the filename of the loaded map.
  • ChangeMap(map_filename): Change the current map of the map engine.
  • IsMapEngineRunning(): Check if the map engine is running or not.
  • UpdateMapEngine(): Update state of map entities, animations and events in map engine.
  • ExitMapEngine(): Flag the map engine to exit on the next update.

Map object

  • Sphere Map object: Holds map data.

Map scripts

  • SetRenderScript(script): Set script to run after each time the map is drawn.
  • SetUpdateScript(script): Set script to run after each map engine update.
  • CallMapScript(map_event): Call map script associated with the current map.
  • CallDefaultMapScript(map_event): Call map script set by SetDefaultMapScript().
  • SetDefaultMapScript(map_event, script): Set map engine to run script when map_event occurs for any map.
    • Map event constants:

Map Elements


  • AreZonesAt(x, y, layer): Check if there are any zones at (x, y) on layer.
  • ExecuteZones(x, y, layer): Run all scripts for zones that (x, y) on layer is in.
  • GetNumZones(): Get the number of zones on the current map.
For each zone
Zone position
  • GetZoneX(zone): Get the X coordinate of zone on the map.
  • GetZoneY(zone): Get the Y coordinate of zone on the map.
  • GetZoneWidth(zone): Get the pixel width of zone.
  • GetZoneHeight(zone): Get the pixel height of zone.


  • IsTriggerAt(x, y, layer): Check if there is a trigger at pixel coords (x, y) on layer.
  • ExecuteTrigger(x, y, layer): Activate the trigger at (x, y) on layer if one exists.



  • GetNumTiles(): Get the number of tiles in the current map tileset.
  • GetTileWidth(): Get the image width of tiles in the current map tileset.
  • GetTileHeight(): Get the image height of tiles in the current map tileset.
  • GetTile(tile_x, tile_y, layer): Get the tileset index of the tile at the given map position.
  • SetTile(tile_x, tile_y, layer, tile): Plot a tile at the given map location.
  • ReplaceTilesOnLayer(layer, old_tile, new_tile): Substitute all old_tile with new_tile on layer.
Tile animations
  • GetTileDelay(tile): Get frame delay of animated tile.
  • SetTileDelay(tile, delay): Set a frame delay for this tile animation frame.


Player input

Binding scripts to input devices

Note: Binding a key or joystick button overrides whatever input has already been associated with it via AttachInput or AttachPlayerInput!

  • BindKey(key, on_key_down, on_key_up): Bind scripts to key events.
  • UnbindKey(key): Remove script binding from the given key.


Following entities

Camera position

  • GetCameraX(): Get the map X coordinate the camera is focusing on.
  • SetCameraX(x_pos): Set the X coordinate of the camera.
  • GetCameraY(): Get the map Y coordinate the camera is focusing on.
  • SetCameraY(y_pos): Set the Y coordinate of the camera.

Coordinate conversion

Coordinate conversion translates the current map position to screen coordinates based on the current camera position, and vice versa. Some functions (like checking obstructions) require map coordinates, while others (like image blitting) require screen coordinates. Both map and screen coordinates consider the top-left corner to be (0,0) and extend right-ward and down-ward for X and Y position, respectively.

  • MapToScreenX(layer, x): Convert a map X coordinate to screen X.
  • MapToScreenY(layer, y): Convert a map Y coordinate to screen Y.
  • ScreenToMapX(layer, x): Convert a screen X coordinate to map layer X.
  • ScreenToMapY(layer, y): Convert a screen Y coordinate to map layer Y.