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  • Sphere Sound object: Holds a sound or piece of music that can be played.
  • Sphere SoundEffect object: Holds a sound that can be played. This powerful object is designed mainly for sound effects.
  • LoadSound(filename [, streaming]): Load a sound from filename, streaming from disk optional.

Sound object

  • Sound.getVolume(): Get the volume of the sound (0-255). No effect on MIDIs.
  • Sound.setVolume(volume): Set the volume of the sound (0-255). No effect on MIDIs.
  • Sound.setPan(pan): Pan can be from -255 to 255. -255 = left, 255 = right. No effect on MIDIs.
  • Sound.getPan(): Returns the current pan of the sound. No effect on MIDIs.
  • Sound.setPitch(pitch): Sets the pitch for a sound. No effect on MIDIs.
  • Sound.getPitch(): Returns the current pitch. No effect on MIDIs.

Sound Effect object

  • Sphere SoundEffect object
  • LoadSoundEffect(filename [, type]): returns a SoundEffect object from 'filename'. If Sphere is unable to open the file, the engine will give an error message and exit. There are two types of sound effects: SE_SINGLE and SE_MULTIPLE.
    • SE_SINGLE sound effects only allow the sound to be played once at a time.
    • SE_MULTIPLE sound effects always open a new stream to the audio device for each time it is played (cleaning up or reusing old streams if possible).
  • SoundEffect.play(): plays the sound effect.
    • If the sound effect is of type SE_SINGLE, this plays the sound if it isn't playing yet, and starts it again if it is.
    • If the sound effect is of type SE_MULTIPLE, play() simply starts playing the sound again.
  • SoundEffect.stop(): stops playback
    • If the sound is of type SE_SINGLE, stop the sound.
    • If it is of type SE_MULTIPLE, stop all playing instances of the sound.
  • SoundEffect.setVolume(volume): sets the volume for the sound effect (0-255)
  • SoundEffect.getVolume(): returns the sound effect's volume (0-255)
  • SoundEffect.setPan(pan): pan ranges from -255 to 255. -255 = left, 255 = right. pan defaults to 0 (center).
  • SoundEffect.getPan(): returns the current pan of the sound effect
  • SoundEffect.setPitch(pitch): pitch ranges from 0.5 to 2.0. 0.5 is an octave down (and half as fast) while 2.0 is an octave up (and twice as fast). pitch defaults to 1.0
  • SoundEffect.getPitch(): returns the current pitch