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minisphere is a replacement for the Sphere 1.x engine. It is not a fork of the original engine's codebase; it is a completely new implementation written from the ground up in C and is based on Allegro and Duktape. The vast majority of the Sphere 1.5 JavaScript API is available for use in minisphere, with only a few functions missing from the implementation. A complete implementation of the Sphere 1.5 map engine is also included and built in.

The minisphere engine is available in both x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) variants, the latter of which is typically faster. It is tiny, requiring only 1.7 MB for the 64-bit engine and the Windows build is completely self-contained in a single executable. As it is coded in C, it is also very portable and has been successfully compiled on both Linux and OS X platforms.