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(as recorded in the Moonshadow LogiX on the day of Telelit on the date AR2332.17.11...)

I am Grand SeeD Zerobe Apollolux, NeoLogiX EX Machina, a title bestowed upon me by SeeD Magnus Arkh Maris Beausieyne. I pledge this solemn vow to preserve and record to the best of my abilities the unfolding histories of the sisterlands of Alsinia and Celennin as ordained in the original LogiX over two millennia ago. No smallest detail on this great Sphere shall go oversought, nor the largest underlooked. It is my privilege and pleasure to serve this Sphere in such a capacity for as long as I have and for as long as I shall yet. I shall provide any assistance as it is within my power and knowledge to do so, and I shall uphold the tenets of the natural laws of Alseine and Celennine as passed down by SeeDs of the LogiX since the Great Rebirth.

(end recording...)


Born Tuesday April 23rd, 1985, I found Sphere in November of 2003 and have been a member of the Sphere community for over 15 years. I've been learning JavaScript since 1997 and have had a passion for video games almost all my life. Don't that beat all?


I am dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge in all matters technological pertaining to programming in JavaScript, PHP, C/C++, and HTML. My past, present, and possible future projects are listed below:

My Projects



Custom Engines (JavaScript)

  • NTrans (screen/map transitions)
  • NeoMenu/NeoRingmenu
  • NeoBattle (Final Fantasy-style active time battle system)
  • NeoPartySystem (character & party management system)
  • NeoPhysics (custom physics & particle rendering engine)
  • NeoMapEngine (custom three-dimensional map engine)


  • Demo game Flappy Sphere
  • RPG (Project: Legacies)
  • Raiden-style shoot 'em up (Project: R, aka Artyxx)
  • Sidescrolling platformer (Project: Gunstar)
  • Puzzle game (Project: N-Tris)
  • Card game pack (Project: Deckbuilder)


  • De-facto Sphere general manager & administrator
Audio engineering



  • YMstat (Genesis YM2612 log disassembler) (99%, just added Mac/Unix command-line version) will be repackaged as a mod of VGMTool
  • VGMstat (multi-format VGM log disassembler) (03%, an updated rebuild of YMstat) abandoned since I'm now in charge of updating and porting VGMTool
  • GBSstat (Game Boy Z80 GBS dump disassembler) (40%)
  • SPCstat (SNES SPC700 disassembler) (05%)
  • PSFstat (Playstation R3000 PSF dump disassembler) (01%)


  • VGM2Pre (dump FM instrument presets from VGMs to usable formats for VGM music tools)
  • YM2midi (convert YM log to standard MIDI sequence) (WIP, conversion will be built into GUI version of YMstat)
  • VGM2midi (convert VGM log to standard MIDI sequence) (WIP, conversion will be built into VGMTool)
  • GBS2midi (procedure will now be "convert GBS to GB" then "log GB to VGM in MESS-vgm")
  • SPC2midi (convert SPC dump to standard MIDI sequence & accompanying soundfont) (WIP)
  • PSF2midi (convert PSF file to standard MIDI sequence & accompanying soundfont) (WIP)


  • YM2612 VSTi (YM2612 virtual synthesizer VST instrument plugin) (70%)


Alex Rosario Type
ATOM - Apollolux Tabular Object Management system (v1.0)


Digital Era Entertainment
Final Fantasy vs. Kaiju Big Battel


I was born in, and continue to live in, New York City, NY in the USA. Go Yankees!

Known Contributions to Sphere

If there's anything else I'm missing, let me know!