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Whoa. All this time I simply did not have a user page.

Anyway... *Ahem* Hi! I'm DaVince, one of the members of Spherical who has been around for longer. I've been using Sphere since around 2004, I believe... and it's still my favourite game engine! :)


  • My Sphere page - contains several different games, as well as tests and tutorials. But the page is old and incomplete.


So I've made and contributed to a few games in Sphere. They are listed here. List is possibly incomplete, but different from the list on my site... :P

Completed games

One of the games I'm most proud of. A new version is in the works... kinda sorta.

Competition games

  • Flippin' Matrix - Platformer. You're an old man for 10 seconds. Then you're a hacker ninja in a cyber world. Then you're an old man again.

An entry for the Ludum Dare 27 compo, an 48 hour game creation competition where thousands of game devs make a game in whatever tool they like.

  • Damien Docchi - a platforming puzzle game for the Sphere Semi-compo in 2009.

We had a few competitions around that time, this being the first one. Those compos aimed to get some new games and productivity out of the community, and the plan was fairly successful. :)

  • Mr Boingers - it's like the prototype for Sir Boingers! But crappier.

Make a game in 1 hour! That was the point of the Crappy Games Explosion back in 2007. This came from it, and then much later, Sir Boingers! Which was also originally made for a competition, by the way. :P

Contributions to other games

  • Kefka's Revenge - a bat-shit insane and unfortunately abandoned Final Fantasy VI fan game.

I did the music and had a little bit of creative input near the end of its development.

Other creations

  • SpheRun - An alternative game launcher. Still a work in progress at the time of writing this.


I make music. Sometimes for my own games, sometimes for others. Check out these links.


I do those, too. Check these out if you want to learn or reference something.