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Spherical is a multi-faceted website dedicated to the advancement of the Sphere engine and support for its community of users. If you meant to visit the forums, click here. If you're here for this wiki, there are a few things you should know:

  • This wiki uses MediaWiki as its software. As such, editing is done similar to Wikipedia. Visit Help:Editing if you have an account and want to learn how to create/edit articles on this wiki.
  • For security purposes, this wiki only lets you create an account if you have an OpenID. Obtaining an OpenID is free and chances are you already have one.
  • Certain articles are protected due to being either high traffic (like Git for the lazy), official documentation (like API:Functions), of some other significance, or some combination of the three. If you have not been given explicit permission to edit them beyond simple typo fixes and such, please leave them alone, thanks.

Below are the most common things to do on this wiki:

Look up a Sphere function

Visit API:Functions and either scroll or find in your browser (Ctrl-F on Windows and Linux, Cmd-F on Mac OS X) the function you want.

Learn how to use Sphere

We have a Tutorials section for this very purpose! We are slowly restoring lost tutorials over time, but if there's a tutorial you'd like to see on this wiki please don't hesitate to ask on the forums.

Find a script to use in Sphere

Visit the Scripts section for information regarding scripts compatible with the Sphere engine, as well as downloads for them. We are slowly restoring lost scripts over time, but if there's a script you'd like to see on this wiki please let us know on the forums.