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Returns a Color object that is the blended color of the two input colors, (c1 and c2) but allows you to specify the amount of each color.


Color BlendColorsWeighted(c1, c2, c1_weight, c2_weight);

  • c1 Color. a color object created with CreateColor
  • c2 Color. a color object created with CreateColor
  • c1_weight integer. amount of first color
  • c2_weight integer. amount of second color


The weights of the two colors are converted to a ratio out of 100%. (1:2 means one part of the first to two parts of the second. Or 33% of the first to 66% of the second.)


var Red = CreateColor(255, 0, 0);	//Creates a red color.
var Blue = CreateColor(0, 255, 0);	//Creates a blue color.
var Blend = BlendColorsWeighted(Red, Blue, 2, 1);	//Creates a reddish purple color by blending the two colors with 2 parts red to 1 part blue.

BlendColorsWeighted can be adapted for the more familiar alpha blending method as follows:

//Alpha can be between 0 and 1
function AlphaBlend (Color,SourceColor,Alpha) {
	Alpha = Math.min(Math.max(Alpha,0.0),1.0);	//Clamp alpha to 0-1
	return BlendColorsWeighted(Color,SourceColor,Alpha,1.0 - Alpha);

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