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Draw (write) several lines of text on the screen within the indicated area, using the specified font.


Font.drawTextBox(x, y, width, height, offset, text);

  • x Integer. The x position on the screen where the text starts drawing.
  • y Integer. The y position of the text on the screen.
  • width Integer. The width of the area to display the text in. Overflowing text goes to the next line.
  • height Integer. The height of the area to display the text in. Any vertically overflowing text is not displayed.
  • offset Integer. The amount of pixels to horizontally offset the the text on the first line by.
  • text String. The text to display.


var font = GetSystemFont();
font.drawTextBox(10, 10, 300, 220, 0, "I am a line of text.\nI am another line of text.");


//Load the font to use
//Draw two lines of text (delimited by a \n), with an area size of 300x220 and no offset

//Now display it on the screen
//Now wait for user interaction


  • When wrapping text to the next line. It will try to split by word, so there are no strange word cutoffs.
  • Use \n to jump to the next line.
  • Use \t to add tab space. Note that Sphere just inserts a fixed amount of blank space, so it's not lines up with any other tabs you use (unless they're all on new lines).

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