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Holds a sound or piece of music that can be played by Sphere.


  • LoadSound(filename [, streaming]): Load a sound from filename, streaming from disk optional.


  • Sound.isPlaying(): Check if the sound is currently playing.
  • Sound.isSeekable(): Returns true if the sound is seekable. Not all sound types are seekable, Ogg is.
  • Sound.getLength(): Gets the length of the sound.
  • Sound.getPosition(): Returns the position of the sound, zero if the sound isn't seekable.
  • Sound.setPosition(position): Sets the position of the sound. Does nothing if the sound isn't seekable.
  • Sound.getVolume(): Get the volume of the sound (0-255). No effect on MIDIs.
  • Sound.setVolume(volume): Set the volume of the sound (0-255). No effect on MIDIs.
  • Sound.setPan(pan): Pan can be from -255 to 255. -255 = left, 255 = right. No effect on MIDIs.
  • Sound.getPan(): Returns the current pan of the sound. No effect on MIDIs.
  • Sound.setPitch(pitch): Sets the pitch for a sound. No effect on MIDIs.
  • Sound.getPitch(): Returns the current pitch. No effect on MIDIs.




See the examples for Sound.play().


Sphere uses Audiere, a library that supports many sound formats. The sound formats supported include:

  • Uncompressed WAV (seek supported)
  • Uncompressed AIFF (seek supported)
  • Ogg Vorbis (seek supported)
  • FLAC (seek supported)
  • MP3
  • MOD, S3M, IT, XM (module music formats)
  • MIDI

As mentioned above, streaming is only supported for certain kinds of audio files.

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