Proposed changes to the Sphere API

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This article is a draft.

This page is intended to collect proposed changes to Sphere's API, and the current status of said proposed changes. If changes are accepted by everyone, they should become a part of newer Sphere versions.

Discussion on the proposals can be done either on the forums, or this article's Discussion page.

To be decided proposals

It is not yet decided what happens to these proposed changes.

Add angle parameter to *Ellipse functions

It would be useful if the Ellipse functions also took an angle parameter. This would change how the x and y axes were aligned, and let you draw arbitrary ellipses (rather than only cardinally aligned ellipses). It would be an optional parameter, and leaving it out would have the function default to the Sphere 1.5/1.6 behaviour.


   OutlinedEllipse(x, y, rx, ry, c [, a])
   FilledEllipse(x, y, rx, ry, c [, a])

This would be a valuable addition to the Sphere API because there is no simple way to do this in script, but it would be very simple in engine.

Accepted proposals

These proposals should make it into future versions of Sphere engines.

Rejected proposals

These proposals have been rejected from getting into Sphere's API, with reason given.