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Hi there, I'm Radnen, I live here in the USA. Sadly I haven't reached that good 'ol American dream...

About Me

I am 22 years old, serving the community with games that I have created. I have a wide area of knowledge from rpg's to mind game's and startup game's, heck, any game I can pretty much do. I can script in JavaScript, C#, C++, Java, some in Python, Ruby and Lua. I'm also fairly good with pixel artistry and simple musical composition. I like to work solo on my games, however I have worked on the Sphere Community Game, and has worked on Waudby's game Pokemon: Odyssey. Currently you'll find me working on a new Blockman release and a new Sphere Editor. I have also won one Sphere Compo with my game Hold the Line in the strategy department. You can also find me on the forums, I'll try to help as best as I can. I've used Sphere for 7+ years, so I think I know things by now (I hope)!

List of my Games


  • Freddy Jack Nightmare in Spookland - Small NES-like 5-day game.
  • Hold the Line! - My first RTS game.
  • Pokemon Startup Game - Sphere 'startup' game, pokémon style!
  • Santas Little Helper - Christmas themed game.
  • Spherekuro - Proof of Concept Kakuro mind game.
  • Squared - Another Whacky mind game.

Never left the demo stage.

  • A Knights Tale - My first attempt at a real ABS.
  • Blockman (A + B) - My first RPG's (B is way better than A), B is a strategy/tactics styled game.
  • Jump - First game series I made.
  • Jump 2 - Second version of Jump.
  • Jump 3 - Last and Final version of Jump.


  • Bladeforge - A supposedly 350 hour epic game. An Epic Fail, that is.
  • Pokemon Classic - A down to the earth remake of pokémon red and blue. (Stopped while ripping)
  • Tyberia - A test MMO in sphere.

Future Release

  • Adventureland - A platformer. (But stopped at level construction).
  • Blockman "C" - My first real attempt at actually creating and finishing an RPG.
  • Genesis Project - A space opera RPG/simulation/shooter.